Creative Shop Stamper Set from Rainbow Connection

Hi Everyone!

So for anyone who has followed me on Instagram they will know that I haven’t had a great run with stamping. I’ve bought a few different types from different places, including the Konad Double ended stamper set from Amazon, and never felt like I was doing it right. I couldn’t seem to get the stamp to pick up the whole picture and if I did get a half decent pick up on the stamp it then wouldn’t stamp onto my nail.

Then whilst browsing through my favourite shop Rainbow Connection I spotted this. The Creative Shop Stamper Set. A super squishy jelly stamper with a shot glass shaped holder and a simple plastic scraping card all together in a set.

Photo Credit: http://www.rainbow-connection.co.uk


This set normally sells for £8 but at the moment is £7, which even without the money off is ridiculously good value for money.


Easy to use, easy to clean and ridiculously great at stamping!


The stamper pops in and out for easy clean up and comes with 2 heads so you always have a spare.


And the scraper is transparent so as you scrape you can see how the polish is coming off.

To test the set I used my Uberchic Stamping plate and plain old Barry M polish in Black.

Uber Chic Stamping Plate #02 from Collection 6

Using the usual methods I painted on the polish on the image in the bottom right corner, scraped using the scraper and squished down the stamper.

And, FINALLY, I’ve managed to successfully transfer the whole image the stamper!!!


I did think, ‘Maybe this is pure dumb luck and I’ll just mess them all up from now on’ so did a few other stamps and they ALL worked the same. The only thing I did notice was that the Barry M Black polish is not the best to stamp with. It seems as though the polish has thinned and the colour doesn’t seem as deep black as it normally is. So for future stamping I will be investing in some new stamping polish.

Cannot wait to do myself a proper stamped manicure!

My thoughts on the stamper set?


It is the easiest stamping set I’ve found so far. Even the most newbie of nail artist could successfully use this set and get a fabulous stamped manicure as the result. Considering it low price too, compared to the others on the market, you will not find one as good in this price bracket. (Believe me, I’ve looked!)

To purchase this amazing set use the link posted below:


So there it is, my honest review of the Creative Shop Stamper Set

Thank you for reading!

Kat x




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