Mani Swap with Dianna Setterfield

Hi Everyone!

As you know I originally started on Instagram. I’ve been on there for around 18 months now and in that time I’ve found some truly inspiring women, and I’m lucky enough to call a small handful of them friends.

I started following Dianna’s nail art account around 6 months ago. She is an extremely talented woman and seems to specialise in intricate stamping designs and the dreaded water marble!

So for those who aren’t aware on Instagram its common place to use each other’s designs for inspiration. Occasionally 2 accounts will work together and use each others previous work to inspire themselves. This is where the term Mani Swap comes from. Go type #maniswap into the Instagram search bar and boom, thousands of them pop up.

Dianna decided that for the whole month of February she would focus on doing lots of Mani Swaps, basically one a day! I was lucky enough to be given the chance to work with her and here is the result!

I had a look through all of Dianna’s nail art designs and chose a really elegant white and silver cuticle moon design. She chose to recreate a turquoise chevron design.

To create my homage to Dianna I used my favourite white polish Barry M’s Gelly Hi Shine in Cotton to paint the base coat on all my nails. I’ve always loved this polish and if they ever stop making it I will have to wildly hunt for something to replace it as I haven’t found anything as good so far!

Then to get the silver moon shape on top I used OPI’s Push and Shove from the Gwen Stefani Collection. Simply using the brush as though I was painting my nails normally I spread the polish on my nails but with a small gap from the cuticle line where the white polish began.

Letting the design dry I topped with CND Weekly Top Coat.

Simple yet sophisticated and elegant!

My cuticle moon design

I was so pleased with the outcome. Its a nice way to create a great manicure but in quick and easy steps. Everyone can do this design, no help needed. And for those with unsteady hands who would struggle to paint smoothly there are 2 products which could help with that.

Liquid Palisade/Liquid Latex:

In basic terms its a glue like substance which you apply to anywhere you may get polish when painting your nails that you don’t want to be polished. In this design you would just paint the latex on to the white cuticle section to create the smooth line for the silver coat. Then peel it off when finished.

Half Moon Vinyls:

My favourite place to buy any vinyls is Twinkled T. Hands down the best I’ve tried. In the same method as above just place the vinyl onto the nail to create a barrier for the silver polish. Peel off as soon as you’ve finished so you get a smooth coat and voila, all done!


So that’s it. My Mani Swap with Dianna.

To follow Dianna on Instagram there will be a link below.

Thanks for reading

Kat x




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