February’s Nailbox Goodies

Hi Everyone.

So today my monthly Nailbox delivery turned up and I’ll be honest. I was disappointed. I’m not really into the colours on first glance. There aren’t many polish colours I just don’t like but green is one of them. And most months the colours work together so nicely I use all of them in one nail design. This month feels a bit mismatched to me.


So in order from L-R we have:

Eye Candy London Core Colours Neon – Juicylicious

Essie – Flowerista

Nicole by OPI – Sky’s The Limit

Rimmel London – Wedge of Lime

Eye Candy Nail Wraps


So first up we have the Eye Candy products.


Now at first glance I didn’t like it. Its not quite yellow or orange so I wasn’t really sure about it. I decided to try it anyway and I’m glad I did.

Its an amazingly creamy polish which just glided on in smooth and simple strokes. The photo above shows 2 coats and as you can see my nail is still visible underneath the polish. I don’t think even if I had used 3 or 4 coats that it would have changed that. However the colour itself is so bright and neon that I did grow to love it. It will be perfect in the summer with a tan and possibly a white polish as a base to help with the opacity.

Also from Eye Candy are the nail wraps. I don’t tend to use nail wraps as I find my nails don’t fit the normal shape. They tend to need a stretchy wrap so I can shape it better and the ones supplied where rather rigid. More like stickers than nail wraps. I didn’t take a photo as they didn’t lay very well on my odd shaped nails, however as far as the product goes it was super easy to use and applied well. It just needs someone with perfect square nubbies.

Eye Candy is a British Indie brand I have never heard of before. Based on the polish alone I would definitely use their products again.


Next up we have the Essie, Flowerista


This polish, when not lined up with the other colours is stunning. It just doesn’t go with the other shades!

I used 2 coats but I could have used 1 and still looked great. The polish; as always with Essie products, was the perfect mixture and went on like a dream. Creamy and just thick enough to get a perfect coat each time. Also Essie use fan brushes in their polish bottles so that makes application even easier.

It is a really lovely colour. I have 2 other polishes which are extremely similar in colour so may have to do swatches of those to compare.

Overall, I really like this polish and I will be using it again.


Next up theres Nicole by OPI in Sky’s The Limit


I have always loved blue polish. I will buy it in every possible shade as I like them all. This blue ticks all the boxes in colour. Its bright, shiny, has teeny glitters in it and its blue. However I found it to be far too sheer to get a decent coat.

This is 3 coats and its still almost transparent. I did brush it on so it may have been better using the sponge on technique, but I really don’t have time or patience for all of that.

It would be the perfect polish for the pond technique, as each coat is so thin it wouldn’t damage any designs between each layer. Its just not that wearable on its own unless you like sheer polish.


Lastly we have Rimmel London’s Wedge of Lime,


I’ll be honest.

I hate this colour!

I imagine there are women out their screaming ‘But its beautiful, you imbecile!’ and maybe on some women it is. On me, it made me think of snotty noses!

I have a Hate/Hate relationship with green in general. Unless its a deep jewel shade or pale mint colour I don’t wear green. And this is neither of those. Considering the polish is called Wedge of Lime it doesn’t have any similarity to the colour of a lime! (Liar liar, pants on fire Rimmel!)

The polish itself though was fine. It applied in 2 coats. No messing around or fuss. The brush isn’t quite a fan shape but did allow easy application. And considering I didn’t use any top coat either it was pretty shiny too.

I wont be using it again, unless I use it for leaves or greenery in nail art!


So there we have it. My HONEST review and swatches of the February Nailbox collection.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


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