Danglefoot Polish Haul Swatches

Hi Everyone.

So yesterday I gave you a little sneak preview of the shades I purchased from the lovely Danglefoot Polish.

From L-R One of a Kind Droid, Love You Berry Much and Guardians of the Tower

I promised myself that I would wait till the weekend to swatch them as I’ve been quite busy with other plans. However they only sat on my counter for a few hours before I wanted to play with them!

Like I said, Addicted!


So first up we have One of a Kind Droid.


In the bottle you can’t even see the depth of this blue polish. At first glance it looks like your average blue glitter polish. Then I opened the bottle and its a knockout deep royal blue colour!

In its consistency the polish is reasonably crème like so super easy to paint on. I would say  it needs at least 2 good coats to cover the nails fully but to demonstrate depth I did different coats on the different fingers.

Small finger is one thick coat. Ring finger is 2 normal coats. Middle and Pointer are 2 thick coats. Depending on how thick you paint it the shade is slightly different.

When dry the glitter inside gives the polish a mild textured feeling, which some hate but I actually liked. The glitter itself is holographic (of course!) and there are teeny little orange glitters in there too.

Hayley’s inspiration for this one was the droids in the Star Wars Saga.

I have always been a lover of blue polish so this one has become on of my new favourites!



Next up we have Love You Berry Much


As always with Hayley’s polish I found it incredibly easy to work with. This is easily a one coater if spread well on the first stroke. I did 2 coats to show how deep the purple really is and didn’t apply top coat. It has a definite glitter texture when dry.

I found when I was photographing it, in certain angles this shade almost looks indigo to blue.

For me I think this one needs a topcoat as I found it a little too textured but its wearable either way.


And lastly we have my favourite, Guardians of The Tower


I have spent ages looking around at all the different thermal polish out there and haven’t found one I liked the colour of and could afford. This little stunner was added to my must buy list as soon as I saw it.

The photo above shows it in its cold state. I have incredibly cold hands normally so for me I will mostly see this shade! However when its warm it is a lovely light grey to silver colour and the glitter inside becomes so much more visible. I can see tiny flecks of yellow/gold glitter and odd blue ones in its warm state.

I used 2 coats to get the textured finish in the photo above, no top coat.

If Hayley makes anymore thermal polish I will 100% be purchasing them. So reasonably priced and I know exactly what is inside the mixture too.


So there we have it. My swatches and reviews of the 3 beauties I bought from Danglefoot polish.

Thanks for reading

Kat x


To purchase any Danglefoot products please use the link below to direct you to her Etsy store:



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