Danglefoot Nail Polish ‘I’d Just As Soon Kiss A Wookie’

Hi Everyone!


So a few weeks ago I treated myself to the Danglefoot Nail Polish ‘Star Wars Collection’

The collection consists of 4 beautiful hand made polishes and a host of other goodies.

Today I’m reviewing one of the polishes which is called ‘I’d Just As Soon Kiss A Wookie’



Aptly named it is a gorgeous maroon polish with red and gold fine glitter. Normally I’m not into darker shades but this is a real beauty.




Shown here is 2 coats without top coat.

The polish applied smoothly and had a great consistency. Thick and creamy and the brush had a large enough fan to cover most of my nail in one stroke.



Overall its a lovely glitter polish which I will definitely be using again!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


Danglefoot Polish is a Indie Brand all made by the talented Hayley Bull.

For more info or to purchase this polish a link to the Etsy shop is below:



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